social media for the confused

food_artsI’m assuming that everyone still knows what magazines are. That we haven’t been so possessed by the Web that we have forgotten what magazines have always done for us…transport us inside communities of people interested in the same things we are. I’ve always found magazines, and especially trade, or industry-specific, magazines to be the very best way to tune in to the news, information, images and ads about a market or subject I where I needed a quick education. Came in very handy.
Now, imagine that blogs and websites and so-called social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) are just online magazines that YOU can publish with only one main difference from regular magazines…your readers can talk back to you right now…as they read your stuff…and they can click on ads and calls to action and make something happen…right now. It’s this potential for immediate interaction between writer and reader that makes a blog or good websites “social media.” Isn’t that much simpler than worrying about whether you really understand social media or are keeping up with the people in the know or whatever?
OK, so this difference is simple, but not trivial. Easy to understand but profoundly important if you want to communicate something or persuade people of something or share some information and do it for little or no cost and have people respond. You could stand on a busy street corner to do this out loud, but people would be, well, busy paying attention to other stuff, and most of them wouldn’t be the ones looking for your stuff no matter what because you’re not in their interest zone. With blogs, and websites and social media platforms, you can do all the writing and publishing and advertising from your bedroom if you want and it’s pretty easy to set things up so the people interested in your stuff will find you and respond. Pretty good deal.
But let’s say you want to do this writing and publishing to benefit some business or cause you do or own or belong to. Now, you want to take this simple idea of creating a magazine, really it’s mostly a “me-gazine” if you like, a bit more seriously. You want to stick it out, gathering your audience slowly until you find a content or advertising sweet spot and then blowing the lid off the thing until Google or somebody comes knocking with a billion dollar offer. Or not.
In any case, don’t get stymied by what you read about social media being all new and different and revolutionary.  Carefully figure out how to say what you want to say; learn just enough to push it out there through a blog, website or platform, and wait for the readers. Build it, and they will come.
Using Social Media to Benefit Your CE Program | Forward Focus »»».

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