the world’s worst prospect follow-up note

mercuryThe hand-written note card began, “Thank you so much for your time yesterday.” and was signed…well, it wasn’t signed, unless the squiggle following the last legible word and looking like the astronomical symbol for Mercury, was a signature or initial of someone the writer was sure I’d know. Since I had no meetings yesterday, I don’t. But when was yesterday? No date.

The note went on, “I hope we were able to provide you all….” Ah-ha! I was not the only person not at the meeting! Or, the writer is from the South. Not sure.

“…with enough information that demonstrated our unique solutions and [illegible] sewer.” I swear, it looks exactly like “sewer.” This can’t be right. We’re the marketing department.

“We truly hope that we are selected to partner with you and help you with all of your needs.” We certainly ought to consider them, I suppose, if they can help with all our needs. Some specific reference to what we talked about would be nice here.

The name of the company sending the note was printed in the return address area of the envelope and again in the lower right corner of the card. No address, city, state or tag line. No contact info. No URL. Who are these people?

Don’t let this happen to you.

One thought on “the world’s worst prospect follow-up note

  1. That’s pretty bad. the other thing that irritates me is unsolicited email without an opt-out option. Hey, I get it, you need to communicate with people to keep your business open but I don’t want that forced on me. So, want to kill your business with me, send me that thank you note or force me to delete your email every week forever.

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