Monthly Archives: June 2018

branding…mostly a feeling…

Branding is all about how people feel about your company. Your brand is the collective experiences of the customers and prospects who have researched your product, bought your product, used your product, seen your ads, browsed your website, or talked with or met with your people. So, it follows that while you have crucial influence over your brand, you don’t have control.

Your brand isn’t your logo. That’s a graphic symbol that will evoke your brand. generate whatever feelings people have about your product and company. You can trademark a logo, but that only will keep someone else from using it or imitating it too closely should they think that doing so would be to their advantage…because of your brand.

Your colors, typeface, and style aren’t your brand. Again, symbols.

Branding is hard. This is why so many meetings where you talk about your branding devolve into arguments about the logo, the colors, the symbols. To talk productively about your brand, you have to have a vision for how you want people to feel about you and then know something about how they actually do feel. You need to have been listening. This is hard.