the_viewA new year. New hopes for better business conditions. But the future may look a little fuzzy. Time to step back and re-think where you’re headed. Are you ready to take advantage of whatever opportunities are bound to come along this year?

Readiness takes planning. You’ll really benefit from taking a little time to go beyond a quick update of your To-Do list and think through some basic planning questions as if you were back at square one.

As you gaze into your personal crystal ball:

  • Does your business or organization still reflect your mission?
  • Do you know as much about your customers as you used to?
  • Are you measuring the right things to stay on track with your success plan?


It’s about seeing. How’s your telescope?

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word cloud - public relations

It really is all about marketing. Problem is, most everyone seems to have an idea about what marketing is that’s way too narrow. Some think it’s synonymous with selling. Some focus on advertising and promotion. Many in the nonprofit world think marketing is irrelevant altogether. Continue reading relationing?