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These three little words will trigger everything you need to remember about creating effective marketing communications.

Connect with your audience. What problem will you solve? What pain will you alleviate? What benefit will you offer? Be personal; be emotional; be direct; be compelling.

Inform them with what they need to know, and only what they need to know, to support the action decision you want them to take when you…

Ask them to take action.

No matter if you’re creating a three-line web ad or a white paper. Always, always, always use these three prompts to structure your communication. Forgetting any one of these, and especially the Ask, will doom your creation to the circular file in your reader’s mind.


social media for the confused

food_artsI’m assuming that everyone still knows what magazines are. That we haven’t been so possessed by the Web that we have forgotten what magazines have always done for us…transport us inside communities of people interested in the same things we are. I’ve always found magazines, and especially trade, or industry-specific, magazines to be the very best way to tune in to the news, information, images and ads about a market or subject I where I needed a quick education. Came in very handy. Continue reading social media for the confused