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Changes AheadI don’t know if this is a new term or not, but it sure fits real life. I have witnessed both businesses and nonprofits fall from market dominance because they didn’t adapt to changes in their markets.

Stuff changes…all the time. There’s nothing easier than becoming lulled into a false sense of security by good times. Everything you touch turns to gold. Everybody loves you. But that’s bound to change when you least expect it. The trick is to expect it.

Every organization ought to have a change agent. This is someone who is on the lookout for changes in the market who can begin planning strategies for dealing with change. This will be a visionary CEO many times, but CEOs are often known for becoming the biggest fans of the successful realities they helped create. Whoever your change agent is, he or she needs the support of the CEO or other power in the organization because theirs will be a tough job: always ready to remind anyone who needs to hear it that things are changing and changes in the organization need to start happening…yesterday.